The Goal: to take and post at least one picture each day for the entire year that I'm 27.

I find that I rush through the day, to rush through the week, to get to the weekend...just to find that an entire year goes by in the blink of an eye. So, on the eve of my last day as a 26 year old I decided to make a change. I challenged myself to take the time each day and find at least one moment worth remembering, hoping that in this way I will learn to live each day for what it is. For regardless of how uniform the days may feel at a glace each one is truly unique and worth cherishing.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 15 - Family Ties

The Cowley Family (Steve's Father's Family)

The Kegebein Family (My Mother's Family)

The Riehle Family (My Father's Family)

And when we go back to Utah I plan on getting lots of pictures of the Patton Family (Steve's Mom's Family)
Why the obsession over the family history & photos...

This is the photo wall we are construction at our 2-story stair wall

The plan is to collect some old and some new pictures of our families to create a combined family history.
Steve and I aren't quite ready yet...but we have started some pretty serious "baby" talk
and we want to have a place in our home where our (future) children can see exactly where they come from
and what people mean when they say, "You have Riehle eyes" or "That's a classic Cowley smile"

We're having so much fun collecting these pictures (and the stories that come along with them)
It's amazing to see how much both our families look alike and also how very similar our "histories" are
(Steve's sister and I had identical accidents the same year - flipping over our bike handlebars, leaving half our faces on the asphalt and pushing our 4 front baby teeth wonder people think we look related!)

I am so curious to see what our kids will look like and what their personalities will be like..
The combinations are endless but it sounds like being "the cutest baby ever" runs deep in the family blood

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  1. I just think this is the greatest idea! I can't wait to see it finished. Although it will probably never really be finished, right? Love it, love you!