The Goal: to take and post at least one picture each day for the entire year that I'm 27.

I find that I rush through the day, to rush through the week, to get to the weekend...just to find that an entire year goes by in the blink of an eye. So, on the eve of my last day as a 26 year old I decided to make a change. I challenged myself to take the time each day and find at least one moment worth remembering, hoping that in this way I will learn to live each day for what it is. For regardless of how uniform the days may feel at a glace each one is truly unique and worth cherishing.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 333 - Color me beautiful

My color is L'Oreal Superior Preference #4 Dark Brown Natural
Described (on the box) as: "a rich, coffee brown shade"

Yeah, I box dye my hair back to my "natural" color every 3-5 months
I used to dye it blond (professionally) and now I have to keep dying it brown to match my natural color
(The ends still fade out back to a blondish-brown - one you dye your hair, it's never ending)
Anyway, I  like that the cheap dye dries out my super greasy hair...
But I don't like that I can still smell the super strong chemical fumes in my clean hair - Yuk!

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